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the forever flashlight

forever flashlight flashlight that never needs batteries or bulb replaced. never!

the forever flashlight uses no batteries! that's right, no batteries will ever be needed for this lifetime flashlight. just think about it, now you can leave a flashlight in you car's glovebox, or in a toolbox or even in a emergency drawer for years with complete peace of mind. you'll know that whenever you need that all-important source of light the forever flashlight is waiting to come to your aid and will never let you down, guaranteed.

how do they work without batteries?
english physicist michael faraday discovered that any change in the magnetic environment of a coil will induce voltage in that coil. 

the forever flashlight uses the faraday principle of electromagnetic energy to eliminate the need for replacement bulbs and batteries. the faraday principle holds that if an electric conductor, like a copper wire, is moved through a magnetic field, electric current will flow in the conductor. essentially, moving the wire through the magnetic field causes electric current to flow in the wire, which is exactly how the forever flashlight operates. by shaking the flashlight vigorously for 15-30 seconds, enough electricity is produced to turn the light bulb on for up to five minutes of continuous light. the super bright blue led light is highly visible, allowing you to see exactly what you need to see, or to get someone's attention.

unlike the flashlights which require a hand crank, there are no internal friction gears or mechanisms to wear out or become jammed in the forever flashlight. these flashlights are ideal light for those whose needs require a flashlight to be rugged, run in any climatic condition on earth and be free of any need of batteries for life. the light is truly a science classroom and unique light-machine in one unit! batteries not included or needed! this environmentally friendly light will never add to the rising trash heap of depleted evereadys� or duracells� and it won't deplete your wallet with buying them.

shake light, flashlight, forever flashlight

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simply shake 30 seconds for 5 minutes of light ......

they're completely waterproof & float! cold or hot temperatures has no effect on the working abilities. they're made from a high density impact resistant plastic. even though, it is not made to be thrown onto the ground, if dropped it will continue to operate without any adverse effects. we guarantee it.

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no batteries needed, just shake and you have light
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