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                                            6 day bio-diet


lose weight easily & safely with the 6 day bio-diet the six day bio-diet was developed in switzerland by a team of biochemists and created to contain the u.s. recommended daily allowance for vitamins and minerals consisting of all natural fruit, vegetables, herbs & plant juices, diet lemon tea and vitamin-mineral supplements. over a million european's have lost weight on the phenomenal six day bio-diet. now, americans are discovering this proven way to lose weight in just 6 days quickly, easily and safely. the six day bio-diet improves on the centuries-old tradition of juice purification. by consuming fruit and vegetable juices, automatically you will lose weight fast, as your body eliminates waste and damaged cells accumulated from unhealthy diet, poor digestion, stress and environmental pollution.
by substituting regular food with the biodiet juices, your effectively removing or detoxifying your body of all the chemicals while teaching your body to crave more fruits and vegetables rather than high fat foods that you normally eat. the bio-diet's vitamin & mineral supplement work to balance your system and dietary habits and the effective lemon dieters tea is formulated to naturally curb your appetite between meals. the six day bio-diet has received endorsements from doctors stating the bio-diet to be safe, simple and effective. the perfect jump start to a healthy new lifestyle and is a convenient and simple way to cleanse the system effectively. former surgeon general c. everett koop also endorses the value of quick loss diets such as the six day bio-diet.
this will be the most inexpensive diet for you to follow. everything is prepared for you. all packed in easy to carry and store containers, so you can stay on your diet when traveling or at work. with the 6 day bio-diet there is no measuring or counting calories and you won't have to buy groceries or worry about not getting important nutrients for a full six days. the bio-diet does it all for you and you'll begin to notice results in just 3 days. no matter how many different diets you've tried in the past, nothing compares to the bio-diet.

the simple to follow program includes nine 8.45oz cartons of 100% natural fruit juices, nine 8.45oz cartons of 100% natural vegetable juices, 36 tablets of natural vitamins & minerals plus fat converting citramax & chromemate, eighteen packets of all natural herbal tea and a booklet with helpful tips on keeping the weight off. the six day bio-diet flushes your body of waste products and rids itself of toxins and is the only diet that you'll need to lose the weight quickly, safely and be able to keep it off.
six day bio-diet package



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